Birthdays the abroad way

‘Enjoy a different birthday abroad,’ said D in her birthday card to me last week. Here’s a snap of the breakfast table with chiffon mocha cake (note the Southeast Asian ‘chiffon’ slant) and just at the back there you can seeIMG_2125 the birthday bill from our school bus company for next term. We’ve certainly never had one of those before.

The royal line-up of events I always organise for myself spanned the usual week (I’m Gemini, it’s always got to last longer than the royal coronation celebrations) but this year involved a Chinese reflexology treatment, Thai lunch and dinner at a rooftop restaurant looking out towards Indonesia. I even had a bit of a different birthday song (an extra ‘Happy Birthday’ instead of my name – that’s an ‘over here’ thing as well). I am looking for Chinese-themed thank you cards to keep the game going.

So D, you can be sure that I did have a bit of a different birthday abroad indeed and xie xie to all those involved. I’ll see you in a few weeks to do it the British way: put the kettle on.

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