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Lucky me, Singapore is the Land Of Opportunities and that means if you live here you get to try out all sorts of things. For starters I’ve written for this lot:

I trained to be a tour guide here and then the following year I helped train the new recruits. I’ve helped research special exhibitions. I run. I attend a book club (sometimes without the books). On weekends, and weekdays before 8am and after 4.30pm, I’m mum to Jonah, aged 11. Sometimes I’m good at that, and sometimes I’m not very good at it, which might be why I do all this lot. At weekends I like to go to places like this, this, and this and this (I love trying out fun and tasty places to eat and drink and that is why I also have to run).

As well as all this, I’m Events Editor at AngloINFO Singapore for whom I also write the blog Island Life. And sometimes I’m singing in the choir at Jonah’s school. Or having a cheeky coffee with friends. Or trekking MacRitchie or hopping on one of Singapore’s clever and easy buses to SomewhereOrOther. Or doing this. Yep, I keep busy.

4 thoughts on “Other things I do

  1. Hello there,

    Really enjoy your blog! I wanted to invite you to an event we’re holding here in Singapore. We’d love some bloggers to attend.

    Would you be able to let me know a good way to send you an e-invite?

    Many thanks,


    • Hey Hannah – how lovely! Yes I’d love to, I’ll email my address to you, and just let me know when and where. Always happy to meet fellow bloggers, especially acutally in person.

      See you soon, and thanks again.
      Mrs PC

  2. Call and we can meet on weekends @ “Sleepover Special and Lime Juice Please”… we live nearby. Enjoying your blog – thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey there, I am organising a bloggers networking event for bloggers based in Singapore to get together and share ideas and tips with a view to growing our readership through working with each other via guest blogging. Would you be interested in attending this event? If so then send me an email and I will let you know the arrangements.

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